Ben Scott is an award-winning landscape architect and horticulturist, renowned for his bespoke garden designs that bring harmony and cohesion to outdoor spaces. With a diverse portfolio accumulated from more than 15 years of designing, Ben is experienced in creating gardens of varying aesthetic, function and scale.

Through a disciplined and purist approach Ben creates innovative garden compositions. A true plantsman, he effortlessly marries together a rich horticultural background with impeccably honed design skills resulting in elegant and sophisticated gardens that are created to be lived in and enjoyed.

Ben relishes seeking out rare and interesting plant species and embraces natural materials that are in harmony with the proposed built form and prevailing landscape. His designs are constructed with beautiful and understated finishes and are always completed to the highest standards. 

Ben holds a Bachelor degree of Applied Science in Horticulture and post-graduate qualifications in Landscape Architecture from the University of Melbourne. Internationally renowned designer Paul Bangay trained Ben whom he worked alongside for 10 years. An award winner at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, Ben's designs feature regularly in magazine publications.

Proficient in working in any style, Ben puts emphasis on his clients' needs and wishes. His ability to help finesse their desires and translate them into custom-made designs results in gardens that are elegantly composed and able to be enjoyed for a lifetime.